Our consultants have four years of training and school placement experiences. We have been trying our very best to find the best fit school for our families. Up till now, our success rate in placing our students to international schools in Hong Kong is 100%.

Through our admission process each year, we feel equally privileged to have glanced into the world of these outstanding students and their family upbringing.

We interview the students, listen to how they present themselves, and listen to their perspectives on life and views on the world. We have the opportunity to delve into their profiles and reflect upon their own words, thoughts, and aspirations.

We speak with the parents and learn about the past and form a picture on how the students have become what they are today.

We keep in contact with all of our alumni and families. By catching up with them we also are able to gain first- hand experience that are mostly beyond what outsiders can typically get from reading through web sites or speaking to admission staff.

Our objective behind School Finder Education Services is to share what we have learned over the years about the international schools in Hong Kong and the paths of elite students that these schools educate. In so doing, we aim to help families who are considering the international curriculum to identify and select the schools that best fit the student's needs and discover the student's potential, and ultimately develop the student into the type of confident, eloquent, poised gentleman/lady.