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Hong Kong International School: Getting admission into international school in Hong Kong

Before proceeding with an international school in Hong Kong, it is important that one knows about the admission procedure that their child needs to go through. It is only when the factors are known that getting admission into Hong Kong international school becomes a soothing affair.

Once the decision of getting a child admitted to an international school based in Hong Kong is made, it is important that the parents go through the admission formalities from before. Thus, parents who are willing to admit their children into the international curriculum of Hong Kong need to know the admission procedure in detail. Read on to know more!

Hong Kong international school: Admission procedures

There are 4 steps involved in the admission process of Hong Kong’s international school. These steps are-

Step-1: Attending the school tour

Applicants need to be present at the open-house tour of the international school. However, there are some schools which allow applicants to conduct the tour even after their application process.

Step-2: Application process

The application process for an international school in Hong Kong goes through two procedures.

1.Identifying necessary documents
.Certificate of birth
.Page of Passport with photo (if available)
 .An identity card of Hong Kong (if available)
.Hong Kong Visa (if available)

2.Information related to school reports
i.For pre-kindergarten- if the latest report is available
ii.For 1-11-year-olds- reports of previous and current year (if available)
iii.For 12-13-year-olds- reports of last 2 years as well as the current year (if available)
iv.Students of 7-13 years need to submit a one-page resume where they need to mention about their accomplished level in recent achievements in various extra-curricular activities.

Step-3: Attending the interview or entrance test

The level of assessment can either be an individual interview or through a group activity. Though parents are restricted from accompanying their children to the interview spot, there are few pre-schools which allow parents to accompany their 2-3-year-olds.

Parents and applicants need to check the interview formats of an international school in Hong Kong for better details. The assessment includes subjects such as-

i.Either assessing English ability during interview or a separate test
ii.Testing in English and Mathematics
iii.Mandarin Testing, where required
iv.Testing in subjects like Arts and Science

Step-4: Result of the test/interview

Once the tests are conducted, the results are out within 1-2 weeks. Remember that a place cannot be reserved or booked in any situation.

Going through the Hong Kong international school placement process often gets too daunting for applicants. Avail help from an authentic consultancy agency that has years of experience in school placement and be placed in the best international school!

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